Tips for getting started in Road Not Taken

  • Check out our free strategy guide here. (Actually, it's more of a long forum post. But it's still very useful.)
  • If you're having trouble getting your thrown objects to go where you want, please see this page for more information on throwing.
  • If you're having trouble accessing a room in the forest, please see this page for more information on regarding doors.
  • This page talks about the various ways to save Kids.
  • In the Android, iOS, and tvOS versions, you can put things back down rather than throwing them if you haven't yet moved since picking them up. (You might want to do this if you decide that picking something up was a mistake.) To do so, long-tap (Android and iOS) or click-and-hold (tvOS) until the Ranger puts down the things he was carrying.
  • Consult the Book of Secrets to see what things you can craft. Perhaps you can make something advantageous from the objects in the room!
  • Don't forget that the Options menu has the invaluable "Teleport to Mayor" option, among other things. Note that different versions of the game have different options in their Options menus.
  • If you're stuck somewhere and can't get out, use the "Teleport to Mayor" option.
  • If you want to suicide and start over from Year 1, use the "Restart Game" option.
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