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How do I unlock Verses Mode?

Verses Mode unlocks automatically after you receive a gold egg in the Try Playing Faster event (Chapter 1's 4th event, not counting the tutorial). Alternatively, it will also unlock when you first reach Chapter 3.

How do I navigate to Verses Mode?

Go "up" in the menu hierarchy until you get to a screen that gives you options that include Chapters, Verses, and Special. Then click Verses.

How do I navigate back to Chapter Mode?

Go "up" in the menu hierarchy until you get to a screen that gives you options that include Chapters, Verses, and Special. Then click Chapters.

How often can I play Verses Mode?

  • You can initiate one challenge roughly every 20 hours.
  • You can respond to as many challenges as you like.
  • Note that this game mode has a honey cost, so people without the Infinite Honey feature may have to wait for their honey to recharge between play sessions.

How do I play?

In Verses Mode, events are challenges between you and your friends. Whoever gets the higher score wins!

One person initiates the challenge. At the end, he/she clicks the Share Challenge Link button to generate a URL that looks something like this: and sends it to his/her friends. When the friends use that URL, Alphabear will open and ask them if they want to respond to the challenge. A person who responds will be put into a game with the same** board so he/she can compete fairly for the high score.

  • ** By "the same board," we mean that the letters visible at the start are the same, and the "seed" used by the random number generator for that board is the same. The "hidden letters" of an Alphabear board aren't actually already on the board and upside-down; they're actually randomly generated as a game progresses. So, if players play identically then they will see identical letters revealed, but as soon as their play diverges, the letters revealed will also diverge.

Challenges are head-to-head. I.e., if the initiator sends the challenge to 10 people, it's like he/she is entering 10 different head-to-head competitions. (However, the initiator's entry into each of those competitions is identical.)

Unlike some other games, Alphabear doesn't have a lobby where random people can discover and respond to your challenge. So, if you're the person initiating a challenge, make sure that you send your game's Verses URL to your friends. If you don't, no one will be able to respond to your challenge.


Note: These rules are subject to change without notice, but at the time of feature launch this is how things worked:

There are different rewards for initiators and responders. Note that you can be both an initiator and a responder--initiate a challenge for all your friends, then respond to all of your friend's challenges! Your friends should do the same!

As an Initiator

Your reward depends on how well you've done versus the people who respond to your Verses URL. (Other players will be sending out identical challenges--there are only a set number of challenge variants per day. So it's important to make sure that your friends play your link. They can play other folks' links, too, but you only get credit for responders to your link.)

  • If you have outscored 5 or more responders, then you get a diamond egg.
  • If you have outscored 2-4 responders, then you get a emerald egg.
  • If you have outscored 1 responder, then you get a granite egg.
  • If you have outscored 0 responders,
    • If your score is in the top half of the global leaderboard for your challenge variant, then you get a granite egg.
    • If your score is in the bottom half of the global leaderboard for your challenge variant, then you get a wood egg.

As an initiator, you have to wait until the challenge is over to claim your reward; it is not something you get immediately after playing the event.

As a Responder

Your reward depends only on how well you do versus the initiator's score; other responders don't affect your reward.

  • You get a gold egg if you tie or beat the initiator's score.
  • You get a silver egg if you get more than 50% of the initiator's score but not enough for a gold egg.

As a responder, you do get your reward immediately after playing the event.

Note: as of feature launch, only commons and rares are awarded from responder eggs, whereas Initiators can win commons, rares, and legendaries. You do need to win a diamond egg in order to get the legendary Verses bears.


No one is responding to my challenge

Did you send out the Verses URL to your friends?

I tried to use a Verses URL and it said that I had to update the game

Please look for an update on your app market. Verses Mode is only available in version 01.13.00 and higher.

I tried to use a Verses URL and it said that the game had expired

Every Verses challenge is only available for 20 hours after initiation. Next time, respond to the challenge more quickly.

I tried to use a Verses URL and it took me to the Alphabear app but did nothing

That sometimes happens. If you try the link again, it should work. (Your best chance for success is if Alphabear is already running when the link is used.) We're working with our partner who makes the Verses URL to figure out why this is happening.

Can iOS players respond to Android initiators and vice versa?

Yes. Verses Mode initiations can be responded to anyone regardless of operating system.

You misspelled "Versus"

Not exactly. We know that the correct word is "versus," but we intentionally used the homophone "verses" because we thought it was a cute and appropriate play on words (Alphabear is a word game, and verses are made up of words).

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