How do I move between chapters?

(Note: As of 2015-07-24, chapter navigation is available for both iOS and Android. Please check your app market (iOS App Store or Google Play Store) to get the latest update. You must have at least v01.02.00 to do chapter navigation. You must also have completed Chapter 1.)

Getting to the next chapter

In Alphabear, you progress to the next chapter when you earn a gold egg on a boss event.  

Each chapter has a different set of daily events, rewards, and a unique boss event. By beating the bosses and advancing through the chapters, you are introduced to more new bears that you can add to your collection. 

Chapter Navigation

In response to popular request, we have added the ability to go back to previous chapters starting in game version v.01.02.00.


If you have reached Chapter 2 or higher and don't have chapter navigation, please make sure to update to the newest version from your app market.

(If you're not sure what version number you have, you can find by following these instructions: )

Starting Over from the Beginning

If you wish to start over from the very beginning, you can do so by deleting and reinstalling the game. This FAQ has more information.

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